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     mgm美狮美高梅官网(Atech Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd)成立于2008年,坐落于距深圳国际机场北部32km东莞长安,地处于珠三角枢纽地带,交通便利。是一家为客户提供方案定制、设备生产与制造、安装与维护等一体化服务的非标自动化机械设备供应商。
      公司一直致力于微型变压器、电感等电子电器行业生产设备的研发。成功开发了大量该领域高性价比的自动化设备,如贴片制品平面度(平整度)检测(CCD)捆包设备、各类复杂的包胶纸设备、自动点胶组磁芯设备、LED UV干燥设备、激光剥皮设备、点胶焊锡等一系列行业自动化设备。是该领域内为数不多的国家级高新技术企业。

  Dongguan Atech Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is located in Chang'an, Dongguan, 32 km north of Shenzhen International Airport. It is located in the Pearl River Delta hub area with convenient transportation. It is a non-standard automation machinery and equipment supplier that provides integrated services such as scheme customization, equipment production and manufacturing, installation and maintenance for customers.

   The company has been committed to research and development of production equipment for micro transformers, inductors and other electronic and electrical equipment industries. Successfully developed a large number of cost-effective automation equipment in this field, such as SMT electronic planeness inspection (CCD) and package equipment, all kinds of complex baling paper equipment, automatic dispensing core equipment, LED UV drying equipment, laser peeling equipment, spot welding tin and a series of industrial automation equipment. It is one of the few state-level high-tech enterprises in the field.

   Companies adhering to the "simple, efficient, stable, high quality" development concept, from man-machine switching to the whole line planning, so that manufacturing becomes simple and intelligent. To help customers reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and enhance the competitiveness of the industry. The company takes modern enterprise management as its business model. Through the cooperation of various departments including R&D department, business department, production department, after-sales department, purchasing department, commissioning department, warehouse management department, finance department, business department and so on, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known international enterprises. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

传真:0769-82198387 地址:东莞市长安镇霄边社区双龙路太联巷1号C栋605号
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