State Board of TN has better standard than CBSE

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Whenever I hear this sentence “State Board syllabus is not up to the standard of CBSE” I just can't understand the logic behind this statement
What analysis did these people do to state this?
What standard are you talking about?
Just because the central government introduces it that doesn’t make it the best one.
CBSE and TN State Board are like North pole and the South Pole.
They use different means to educate the students. CBSE is objective and State board is descriptive.
None can state that TN syllabus is any way inferior to any other education system.
Our State board students were not able to clear the NEET exams because of difference is a way of teaching no way was it because of its level.
The central government is only creating confusion using NEET. An entrance exam which cant go with the standards of all education systems of a country can never be considered an appropriate one.
I think State board is far better than CBSE education system
Which is better?