Seeman’s speech at Thanthi Tv “India is out of developed countries” is incorrect

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When leaders address the public they have to be very careful about the information they share and the dignity they forecast. Recently many of our political party leaders and its members have been very vigorously using immoral words against their opposite “political party or person” in order to attract people’s attention.
A kind advise to these people, “think before you speak”. Your immoral words will never gain anything.
There are other kinds of political people who will not care about the authenticity of the information they share, their only aim is to attract the people’s attention.
In one of such incidents, Seeman gave a speech stating that “India is out of developed countries”. This is a false info.
India was never out of developing countries list, last year due to demonetisation it was pushed back but again we are back to the top.
Click on the pictures below to know the ranking of India among developed countries