NEET varum anna Varadu… Students Future is in a pathetic condition right now



What is NEET? Is it GOOD or BAD? I think its Students night mare which the government is politicising. Neither central and state governments nor the Courts found a fix.
NEET has been ON and OFF for a long time now with a hopeless government what can we expect.
The issues with NEET are
different question paper for different languages – difficulty level differs
Inequality in school education – This should be solved first
Medical colleges are maintained by state government using the Tax money of its state people -- How can this be used by other state folks?
In TamilNadu, we have around 42 medical colleges which are almost twice or even thrice higher than all other states – Which is quite partial towards TN students
But on the other side, some students may gain and some may lose their medical seat if NEET is put out.
However, getting lakhs and lakhs of donations for each medical seat is not gonna stop, without NEET its local politician’s gain with NEET its central politicians gain.
The Students future is in question now.
I think NEET should be out.
**Until and unless the government provides free Education, these sort of issues will continue to disturb us now and then.