Here are list facts why NEET is not need
1) NEET is partial towards a certain section of people
2) NEET is against human rights in educational section of India
3) NEET is crackable through illegal means
4) NEET is not for all educational systems of India
5) NEET is not accessible and affordable for majority lower and lower middle-class people
6) NEET places students who prepared for only NEET for a year and who studied for both 12th Exams and NEET on the same scale.
7) NEET doesn’t understand the mindset, educational level, what is the maximum level of education a student from interior parts of a state can afford, what resources they lack, etc.
8) Without NEET Tamil Nadu has been able to attain far better level than other states.
9) NEET states that “Get a just pass mark in 12th Exam is enough, instead go to a NEET coaching center and learn how to crack the NEET”
10) NEET is not for people who don't afford NEET coaching classes
11) NEET allows people from other states use the facilities and infrastructure that were created from the tax money of the people from its own state
12) NEET has created confusion and frustration amoung the students
13) NEET was not affordable for Anitha
14) NEET murdered Anitha.
Still, do you people think NEET is required

Where you Stand? BAN NEET or NEET is Must
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    • Nithya Sudarsana Kumar M

      1st government need to improve educational system to adopt all kind of students for aware of any kind of entrance Then government implement this kind of entrance

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