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How many of you will vote for BJP in TN?????

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After the death of J Jayalalithaa, BJP have been vigorously trying to set their base in TN.

TamilNadu has always been a neutral state for religious belief. Here we are not, treated differently or mistreated or abused or even killed for being part of any religion. But for BJP which strongly supports Hindutva it will be a very difficult task. Only when they change their motto on religion and language, there can capture the hearts of Tamil people.

Right now I can’t see BJP Rule in TN for another 20 years.

Where you Stand? Agree or Disagree
  • Agreed

    • Ponsakthi Anand

      I do voting.. but what is BJP?

  • Disagreed

    • Harish Kumar

      My first question was why should i vote for BJP ...

    • Nithya Sudarsana Kumar M

      Really Nobody liked to vote to BJP, Then why they very much concern in Tamilnadu