Stop spending so much on Celebrations like Independence day, Republic Day….
Stop spending so much on Political Party Meeting
Stop organising meeting when CM, PM, any Party Head or important Party People visit a state
Stop organising opening ceremony for Bridge, Fly over, Metro Train, etc…
Stop using government properties like Electricity, water, food for FREE in those meetings
Stop providing Government Cars for MPs and MLAs, they can very well use public transport
Stop incrementing your salary by yourself, we don’t think you people deserve an increment
Stop investing in projects that would pollute our environment
Stop building unnecessary memorial halls and parks [Like Shivaji memorial]
Stop providing unlimited access to Electricity, telephone lines, mobile lines, internet lines, airlines for free to the MPs and MLAs--- Its should be limited.
Stop creating traffic jams and hindrance for common people just because you want to travel faster
Stop expecting, the common people to run behind you guys to get our issue resolved, you should visit us personally and regularly
You people spend so much on the unnecessary stuff when on the other side a family struggles even to get food once in a day. Think before you spend each and every penny we pay as tax.