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The happiest phase for anybody is going to be their college life. But students out of School are in a dilemma in choosing an apt course. Our education system doesn’t allow our kids to explore their passion but instead, they are provided with few options like Doctors, Engineer, Arts, Science, etc.,
The students with high scores choose to be a doctor and the rest go for Engineering. That too they choose colleges rather than degree.
A kind advice to schools and parents, let your kids pick out their goal and future. The current education system turns them into bookworms and they end up in a job which they do for money rather than passion.
Already there are lots and lots of Engineers and people are finding it hard to find a place. Choose Engineering only when you have a desire for it.
Most of the Engineering colleges don’t provide proper facilities please visit a college before going for it.
Your future is the country’s future so be cautious and pick the best for you.