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Many think #MeToo is going to create a revolution and stop harassment on women but I think it’s a faulty product which will disappear in no time.
It has many faults, first and very demeaning one is “You can shame anyone without any proof” – It's illogical
Secondly, I am seeing women folks who come to shame the male predators pleading media and society to believe them – Now your shaming yourself
Thirdly, the people who are being shamed are easily turning the table and escaping – doesn’t provide a foolproof solution.
Lastly, 90% of men have assaulted at least one women do you think they will allow this to sustain. – Don’t be fools
It’s time for us women to stand up against such crimes then and there.
It’s time for all of us to force the government to put stern laws to kill the predators
It’s time for women to be united, stand hand in hand and support each other

Teach your daughters to be BRAVE and sons to BEHAVE.

Where you Stand? Yes or No